Experienced teaching teams implement a developmentally appropriate, child led curriculum that supports school readiness by developing language, literacy, math, social-emotional, physical, and other skills necessary for successful learners. A safe and supportive learning environment promotes knowledge, interaction, and creativity through individual instruction and collaborative work with parents and families.

Multilingual supports reinforce the languages kids speak at home as well as help them master English. Our curriculum includes activities to build strong academic and social skills including literacy, language development and early math skills. Using an arts infused approach to learning, we enrich each day with movement, nature, art and music.

Our classrooms are trauma informed and inclusive for children of all abilities. We partner with early intervention and special education providers to support children with special needs. We can provide some intensive supports and individualized teaching for social emotional development. Educare is committed to success for every child. We do not ever suspend or expel children in our programs.

Meals include breakfast/lunch/snack. Educare provides all food and diapers for children who are potty training. Menus follow federal and state guidelines and are reviewed by our nutritionist.

To learn more about our program please call 206-716-8800. If you are interested in enrolling your child we will send you an application or set an appointment with you to complete the necessary paperwork to determine eligibility.  

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Educare classes are offered year-round. Enrollment occurs throughout the year when space is available. Eligibility is based on many elements including income and family risk factors.

The first step to enrolling in any of our programs begins with completing an application.


Head Start is a federally funded community-based program for low-income, at-risk children (three to five years old) and families.