“The staff is incredible. They helped me get jobs, with resume support, and my parenting - understanding behavior of my boys.”
– Samantha, Educare parent

Family Engagement is a major focus of Educare Seattle.  We know that parents are their children’s most important teachers and strive to build relationships to support each child’s learning.  Some opportunities for parent involvement include:

  • Parent Committee Meetings
  • Input into Curriculum
  • Coffee Talks
  • Hallway Happenings
  • Training, Support, and Networking events
  • Volunteering
  • Planning Committees
  • And MORE!


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Notification for Participants in the Educare Study in Spring 2022

As Educare-Seattle families may know, Educare-Seattle is one of 25 Educare program sites in the country.  Educare is committed to studying yearly how the program influences children’s learning and its impact on family and staff experiences. The results of the annual evaluation study help improve practices for Educare and other programs for young children and families across the country. The study is directed by the Educare National Evaluation group with a main office in the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill (UNC-Chapel Hill) with support from local evaluation partners. The local evaluation partner (LEP) of Educare-Seattle is our team from the Puget Sound Educational Service District Strategy, Evaluation, & Learning department (PSESD-StEL) in partnership with the Family Engagement Manager and Family Advocates of Educare-Seattle.

In Spring 2022, our Educare-Seattle partners presented parents with information that explained what the study involved, including the activities that children and the parents would be invited to complete. They also emphasized that participation in the study is completely voluntary. Parents were provided a printed description of the study and made aware of their rights as participants. When they volunteered to participate, parents were asked to provide their consent for their family’s participation by signing a Parental Consent form.

The Spring 2022 Parental Consent Form included an incomplete and inaccurate description of the way that the Educare-Seattle LEP shares and reports data with the Educare National Evaluation. The revised Parental Consent form version provides the complete and more accurate description of the process. Following is the segment with the corrections in bold text:

The LEP team shares identifying information like child name and date of birth with the Educare National Evaluation (ENE) team at the University of North Carolina (UNC)-Chapel Hill to enable the ENE team to connect data collected over time to the correct child and family. Data is only shared between the LEP team and the ENE team at UNC through the use of secure UNC-Chapel Hill data transfer and data management systems. The Educare National Evaluation Team at UNC removes identifying information from the data before it is used for any research or report.

The LEP team and Educare National Evaluation team analyze data that are collected. In reports, no identifiable child and family information are shared at either the local or the national levels. The LEP team and Family Advocates will share summary findings from Educare Seattle with Educare staff and families during meetings and other communications like the family newsletter.


If you have any questions about this notification or about the Educare Study, you can contact Paméla Raya-Carlton at praya-carlton@psesd.org  or at (425) 917-7832.