Despite Seattle’s economic growth, the inequity between the richest and poorest is increasing. For children who experience the impact of both economic and racial inequity, the challenges are even greater.

Educare gives children, families and communities the tools and access to early learning they need to prosper.

In our school: 

Educare offers high quality, low cost early learning for working families.

  • Our Early Head Start and Head Start programs are subsidized by childcare assistance programs.
  • Each year, 30% of our students receive additional scholarships if they lose their childcare assistance..

In our community:

We help parents champion their child’s education.

The Parent Ambassador Program
Supports parents in developing as leaders in their homes, schools, and communities.

The Training and Learning Hub 
Helps parents increase their knowledge of early care and education, and staff build their professional qualifications.  

The Family Resource Library 
Provides parents with materials and computers for information on child development and job searches. 

The Food Pantry
Fills in gaps for families, so kids can thrive — and is so successful that it has become a model for other Head Start locations.