We’re improving quality and expanding access to Early Learning.

Educare Seattle is a comprehensive early learning program based in White Center, serving children from birth to age five who face barriers to accessing high quality early learning. We serve as a resource center for families with early learners, and a training and learning hub for early learning providers.

We launched the Educare model in Washington State in 2010 and are now one of 23 programs across the country that make up the Educare Learning Network.

We’re closing opportunity gaps.

Educare Seattle works with children, families, and communities to prepare young children for success when they enter kindergarten. Working together, we’re closing opportunity gaps created by economic, racial and other forms of marginalization.

We believe in culturally and linguistically responsive education.

Educare has a proven track record of preparing children for success.

We offer full-day/full-year early learning for children and engage parents through leadership and advocacy programs.

We partner with community organizations to provide an entire network of support and resources for parents.

We are responsive to the rapidly changing demographics and decreasing affordability of our region by partnering in program development and policy reform. 

We are a model for peers and a resource for providers.

Our work is changing the community we serve and our state. 

Children show measurable progress at school.
On measures of language and school related knowledge, Educare Seattle children score at the same level as children from highly resourced families and communities.

Children who speak more than one language are thriving and heading to school ready to succeed.

Parents are engaged to advocate for their children.
Educare has helped train more than 100 parents in the White Center Community and P-3 Campus communities through parenting classes and support groups. 

Teachers and childcare providers have the right training and tools.
We've trained hundreds of professionals on data use and effective teaching practices to prepare children for kindergarten.

Each year, we provide hand-on learning opportunities to more than 30 students from nursing, special education, early childhood education, and K-12 teacher preparation.

Policy is changing to increase equity and opportunity.
Educare family data and testimony were critical to pass childcare subsidy reform for Washington State, resulting in increased eligibility, access and stability.

Educare families and parent ambassadors partnered to expand access for families who fell above the economic cutoff for Washington State’s Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program but we are still in need of the program’s help.

“Educare Seattle offers a valuable demonstration site where professionals and families can see the power of early learning in practice.”

- Gail Joseph, director of the Early Childhood and Family Studies Program at the University of Washington