We are a learning laboratory, partnering and sharing our model across the state.

We share lessons learned and best practices through collaborations with community-based organizations. We provide training and technical assistance to community and childcare providers at organizations in White Center. We conduct training and tours for early learning providers, community partners, and policy leaders to share best practices.

We partner to create a seamless experience for children. With Highline Schools, we coordinate enrollment across schools and programs and offer outreach and transition planning as children move into kindergarten.

We provide professional development for teachers and providers. We offer training, including how to use data to guide high-quality teaching practices; host students and interns; and hire students and parents into roles that provide direct experience.

We openly share evaluation results to advance early learning. We share the results through our advocacy and professional development programs (and to use them to continually improve our own efforts.) 

We advocate to reform education policy that affects our communities. We advocate with parents to advance change in policy and practice with federal, state and local agencies.

We advocate with families for children, every day.

Through partnerships and advocacy, we are driving impact across Washington State and beyond.

Educare Seattle has grown from an effective program focused within our community to a model for high-quality education.

How You Can Help

With your support, we can continue to increase access to high-quality early learning for children in our state — bridging opportunity gaps, brightening futures, and creating a foundation for success for our community and beyond.

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"Our Highline Promise to know every student by name, strength and need is rooted in our commitment to early learning and providing our youngest learners with the strongest foundation possible. We cannot deliver on this promise alone, however, which is why we are so grateful to Educare for partnering with us to ensure our student’s success.”

– Dr. Susan Enfield, Superintendent, Highline Public Schools